These Conditions represent Home For You's terms of business and the basis upon which Home for You s.r.o. agrees to provide services. Home for You s.r.o. makes this information available conditioned upon the acceptance, without modification, of the following terms and conditions.

Our website acts as the venue to connect those with vacancies with those seeking vacancies, and Home for You s.r.o. is only an intermediary. Home for You s.r.o. is not the landlord or the owner of the real estates. Each lease or sale must be specified in agreement concluded between the landlord and the tenant/the purchaser and the seller, and the responsibility for negotiating the content of and concluding a lease or purchase agreement is carried only by the landlord and the tenant/the purchaser and the seller. Home for You s.r.o. takes part at the negotiations of the lease/purchase agreement only as an intermediary in the lease/purchase of the real estate, it does not represent any of the parties and is not liable for the content of the agreement, its conclusion or its fulfillment by the contractual parties (by the tenant, the landlord/the purchaser, seller).

Home for You s.r.o. is a listing service. The contractual conditions of any rental agreements resulting from our website and our agency services are strictly between the landlords and tenants. All agreements between landlords and tenants are the responsibility of the parties involved in that agreement. Home for You s.r.o. is not responsible for any disputes arising out of such agreements.

Due to the nature of the rental market, some listings may no longer be available or information on current listings may have changed. Tenant acknowledges and accepts that Home for You s.r.o. publishes available listings that it believes to the best of its knowledge to be vacant at the time in conformity with the descritpions on our website. All information regarding properties stated on this website is from sources deemed reliable, and photographs, descriptions and information about the properties reflect conditions at the time the photographs were taken. Tenant(s) explicitly acknowledge and accept that Home for You s.r.o. relies exclusively on the information provided by landlords about the properties listed on the website and makes no warranty or representation about the accuracy of such property descriptions appearing on the website.

Home for You s.r.o. has made all reasonable effort to ensure that its website is accurate. Home for You s.r.o., however, gives no warranty that the property occupied by the tenant will be exactly as shown or described on the website. Home for You s.r.o. is not responsible for the data or security on any website to which Home for You s.r.o. website has a link.


Long term rentals

A reservation equal to 1 month´s rent + 21%VAT is required to make a confirmed booking. Reservation guarantees your interest and secures booking. After the payment has been received, the apartment is reserved and we will complete and send you a Booking confirmation. From this point the apartment is not offered to another clients anymore and starts negotiation about the lease contract. After the lease opportunity is procured the above-mentioned reservation fee shall become a commission for procurement of the lease, which Home for You s.r.o. retains as a reward for lease opportunity procurement.
Lease opportunity procurement means the signature of the lease agreement, handing over the keys to the leased premises to the tenant, the tenant’s moving in the leased premises, introduction of a person interested in the lease to the landlord by Home for You s.r.o. or informing the landlord of a person interested in the lease by Home for You s.r.o., whichever is earlier. A claim for a commission (reward) arises to the intermediary upon occurrence of any of the facts mentioned in the previous sentence.

Short term stays (from 1 night up to few months)

A non-refundable reservation equal to 20 - 50% of the total contract value is required to make a confirmed booking. The remaining amount of accommodation price needs to be paid in cash to landlord´s or residence´s representative. The booking reservation guarantees your arrival. After we have received your advanced payment, we will complete a booking form and send you booking confirmation.This will guarantee your booked apartment, on the term specified by you.

After the reservation is confirmed both by Home for You s.r.o. and you, Home for You s.r.o. becomes entitled to a commission for procurement of residence opportunity; the above-mentioned reservation fee becomes a commission for procurement of residence opportunity provided by Home for You s.r.o. and Home for You s.r.o. shall retain the reservation fee as a commission (reward) for procuring a residence opportunity.

If there are any unforeseen changes or problems with your reservation, we will automatically contact you first for your approval/instructions, before arranging a reservation for you.

Bookings are charged in CZK or EUR. The booking is valid only after receipt of the reservation payment.

Payment methods

  1. cash against receipt and booking agreement
  2. credit card
  3. bank transfer  (a copy of the bank transfer document should be faxed to Home for You s.r.o.)
  4. through Western Union services

Cancellation Policy

In the event of cancellation or change of rental conditions once a confirmed reservation has been made the reservation and the advanced payment will be forfeited. The reservation fee may be refunded only if the owner refuses to conclude the lease agreement and no other circumstances of fulfillment under Home for You s.r.o. business terms and conditions, part Reservation, arise, and in such case we will cancel your booking and give you a full refund (as soon as the reservation payment is credited to our bank account – in case of credit card payment and bank transfer). However, the reservation fee becomes non-refundable the moment Home for You s.r.o. becomes entitled to a commission (reward) for procurement of lease or residence opportunity, because it had already become a commission (reward) of Home for You s.r.o. for procurement of lease or residence opportunity.

The client is aware that the commission (reward) is a payment for a single specific case of lease or residence opportunity procurement by Home for You s.r.o. and that the client cannot claim that the reservation fee be refunded from the moment when Home for You s.r.o. becomes entitled to it as a commission in accordance with these business terms and conditions, particularly in cases when one of the contracting parties breaks lease contract obligations, withdraws from or cancels the lease or residence, the lease or the residence is terminated or in case it is not realized from the client´s side at all. For the same reason the client cannot claim any indemnification, compensation of damages or request that another lease or residence opportunity be procured free of charge.


Long term rentals


Other services (relocation, housekeeping, internet-access, etc)

All fees are subject to 21% VAT.

Limitation of Liability

Tenant(s)/purchaser(s) explictly acknowledge and accept that Home for You s.r.o. has no liability or responsibility whatsoever for injury, loss, damage or inconvenience, however caused, that may arise from a tenant’s/purchaser´s relations and/or entry into a rental/purchase agreement with a landlord as a consequence of the agency services of Home for You s.r.o. Tenant(s)/purchaser(s) furthermore acknowledge and accept that, unless otherwise explicitly advised otherwise in writing, Home for You s.r.o. is not the legal representative of any landlord/seller introduced to tenant(s)/purchaser(s) by Home for You s.r.o. which makes no representation or warranty whatsoever as to the terms and conditions of agreements entered into or about the condition or security of the premises rented/purchased. Home for You s.r.o. does not act as a legal representative of the landlord either. Home for You s.r.o. shall not be liable for any direct, indirect or consequential loss which arises out or in connection with the accommodation or for any circumstances which are beyond our control. We will not pay compensation in these circumstances and are not responsible for any losses or expenses that may be suffered by the tenant(s)/purchaser(s) as a result of circumstances beyond our control. Home for You s.r.o. is not liable for fulfillment of the lease/purchase agreement by the landlord, tenant/ purchaser, seller. All other warranties terms and conditions, expressed or implied by statute or otherwise, are excluded to the fullest extent permitted by law.

Tenants are recommended to ensure that they have sufficient appropriate insurance.

Home for You s.r.o. reserves the right to make changes to these Terms and Conditions at any time, without notice, by posting such changes to the company‘s website. The terms of business and standard conditions are governed by and shall be construed in accordance with the laws of the Czech Republic.

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